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    For more information please call us at # 207-674-2345.
    Or e-mail us at
    For reservations, call 888-569-8611.

  • We love to work with churches and groups. * Special group rates are available.
  • We also have midweek rates for commercial clients.
  • Conference Space for up to 75- 100 people available
  • We have "Family Weekends" where a group of families come and stay.
  • The Mollyockett Motel is a great place for your relatives to stay.
  • Please check out our "Time of Refreshing", a special 2-day free stay for Pastors, Christian Leaders, Missionaries, or lay person who is in need of a time of renewal.
  • A great place for retreats - weddings and family reunions.
  • The month of October is set aside for you to send your pastor and his wife here, to express your appreciation to your pastor and his family.
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